This is Andika. He is 14 years old and lives in the orphanage Rumaha Bapaku in Indonesia since 2009. During his childhood he has been beaten by his father, he had to walk two hours to get to school and had to do hard fysical labour. At Rumah Bapaku he got a better life, until in September 2014 he was giagnosed for a brain tumor (medulloblastoma).

This form of cancer is very rare, but when it occurs the chances are that it will keep coming back. It is even possible that the cancer will receive Andika’s back via the brain fluids. We have to provent this! Andika is a young boy with a lot of talents and ambitions, who should have a long life to be looking at.

The Rumah Bapaku Foundation does not have the funds to pay all costs for Andika’s health care. We need as much as 30.000 to give Andika the care he needs. Without this care he will not survive this terrible cancer.

On these special pages you can read how you can help Andika.

(this promo video is unfortunately only available in Dutch)