Most of our children arrived in April 2009 from the Islands of Bali and Sumba. We can accomodate eighteen girls and eighteen boys. Some are orphans and some are from families who are too poor to care for them. All were six to ten years old. The children from the island of Bali came from villages all over the island. I visited many villages seeking those in the greatest need. All of the children came with health and hygiene issues that needed to be addressed. They needed to learn simple skills such as eating with utensils, showering, and brushing teeth. The children began attending a private Christian school in July of 2009. Pictured are the children and their stories. To access all of the stories, you can either click on a moving picture on our main page or click on “Meet the Children” (on this screen) then choose a specific child’s picture. We will update our site with more information and pictures as we receive them. As you read their stories, if you are interested in sponsoring a child or children, you can go to our Donation Forms on this website for sponsorship details.

Because of privacy laws no personal data of the children is published. If you want more information about one or more children, for example if you want to start sponsoring, please contact us.