There are two programs for giving to us. One is to choose to sponsor an individual child or children, and the other is to give a general donation to help meet thee needs of our children.

General Donation

If you want to help us with your donations, you can make a direct donation via the button below:


Or you can use the DONATION FORM

Of course you can also donate by sending money to our bank account or paypal account.

Sponsor Program

The sponsor program is based on an anual returning donation of Rp. 3.000.000. You tell us which of the children you want to sponsor, so you can get in touch with this child (or children) via email or letter. The kids love to write letters or email to their sponsors.
With your sponsorship donation you will support all of our children!

Due to exchange rates the internation amounts can change, below is are the amounts in Euro’s and US dollars:
Euro’s: € 295,00 per year (€ 25,00 per month)
US Dollars: $ 320,00 per year ($ 27,00 per month)

To sponsor one of our children please use the SPONSORSHIP FORM