When I was seeking the neediest children for our home, a pastor told me about orphans on the Island of Sumba about an hour flight south of Bali. I took the hour plane ride then an hour drive to find a place to stay overnight. The next morning, I took a long car ride on bad roads to get to the village and my morning appointment with the chief. When I got there, I knew something was wrong. Men were carrying swords and talking excitedly in their village language. The chief’s wife told me their village was in a fight with another village and I should leave immediately and return later. On my drive back to the place I was staying at, women, children, and old men all carrying swords were running past my car fleeing for their lives. I prayed asking God for mercy and safety. I was able to return that night to the village and meet with the chief and his wife. The chief was so thankful that I came. He said that many people had abandoned their children by dropping them off with the chief expecting the chief to take care of them. My heart went out to the children I met that day. I made arrangements for some children from the island to take the ferry to Bali to come live in our home. When I returned to Bali from my trip to Sumba, a friend told me that Sumba is a very primitive and sometimes very dangerous island and felt it was a miracle I made it safely home. I am convinced we have rescued these children not only from poverty but from death. Our children arrived from Sumba in April 2009.