Summer Camp – Bedugul (2013-07-11)

Thanks to donations the kids could enjoy a few days at their annual Summer Camp. This time they went to Bedugul area. Click here to go to the photo page

New school shirts (2013-05-16)

Today the kids received new white school shirts, thanks to donations made to the Dutch foundation. Pictures of the new shirts

Angklung instruments (2013-04)

The kids have lessons in playing the angklung since 2012 and used rented instruments. Thanks to donations now we have our own instruments and a complete angklung set. Every week they practice to learn new songs. Click here to go to the photo...

Bathroom renovation (2013-04)

The bathrooms of the boys and girls needed some renovation since cranes were leaking and doors could not be closed. Thanks to donations this all could be fixed. Click here to go to the photo page

New matrasses (2013-04)

The matrasses of all kids have been use now for a few years and were in very bad shape. Thanks to donations the matrasses and sheets have been replaced now. Click here to go the photo page

Gamelan and dance performance (2012-09-13)

After having dinner outside today, the children were treated with a music and dance performance, arranged by Om Bart and Tante Bianca. There were 12 gamelan musicians and 6 dancers. The kids had a great time, allthough the monkeydance was a little bit scary sometimes...

Dolphin show surprise trip 2012-09-07

The kids of Rumah Bapaku were invited by tante Cin, om Huub, tante Bianca and om Bart for a surprise trip: watching a dolphin show and animal circus. Without co-orporation of Melka Exelsior Hotel this would not be possible, thanks guys! Click here to go to the photo...

Summer Camp 2012

View the pictures of the kids visiting Summer Camp 2012: Summer Camp 2012

Tabletennis tables for the kids

As a surprise from Om Jan, Om Evert and Tante Gaby, Om Roel and Tante Lina the kids got two tabletennis tables together with 8 bats and 100 balls. The kids are very happy with the tables and love to play tabletennis. click here to go to the photo...

Basketball girls play in new outfit

The basketball girls received a new outfit from Om Bart and Tante Bianca. Their first game in the new outfit: Rumah Bapaku VS Junior High School 1 Singaraja. Rumah Bapaku won the game with Score : 20 : 6 CONGRATULATION...

Grand Opening & Birth day Pdt. A.A. Oka Panji Tisna

Grand Opening & Birth day Pdt. A.A. Oka Panji Tisna [Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type="thumbnails" theme_id="1" gallery_id="31" sort_by="alt" order_by="asc" show_search_box="0" search_box_width="180" image_column_number="5" images_per_page="30"...

Kids go shopping

The children received some pocket money and were invited to spend it at the Indomaret, they had to calculate themselves what they could buy, to get used to money and to practice calculating. go to the photo page

Easter at the beach

The kids had a great party at the beach, playing games and having dinner. go to the photo page