UPDATE concerning the situation around Andika

18-9-2014 – Has been taken to the hospital in Singaraja. There they have done blood tests and made a scan of his head. He stays for observation in the hospital in Singaraja.

19-9-2014 – The results of the scan show that Andika has a tumor in his head. For better care he has to be taken to the Kasih Ibu Hospital in Denpasar as soon as possible, by ambulance.

19-9-2014 – In the Kasih Ibu Hospital in Denpasar new scans have been made. The results confirm the previous discovery, and show two tumor like items in his head.
Tomorrow (Saturday September 20) a drain will be placed to take away the moisture, if that goes well than the planning is that Andika’s first operation will be next Monday (September 22), depending of the success of this operation a second operation might be needed.

20-9-2014 – Today at 9 am the first surgery for Andika will take place. He has tumor on his right brain. Today Doctor Golden, the Surgeon, who is the best surgeon for brain tumor in Bali, will drain the fluid and on Monday will take out the tumor. Yesterday Andika asked if he can have pencil, sketch book and animal’s book. He said he miss drawing. Cintje and Tasha found at book store and Andika smiled. This morning Andika says that is is too hard to draw even though he wants too… Take it easy Andika, you will draw more animals as used to when you get well.

20-9-2014 – At 09:40 Andika was taken to the operation room for the drain operation. Around 13:10 he came back from the operation room. According to the surgeon the operation went very good. Andika is in the recovery room at this moment. The next operation is next Monday to remove the tumor in his head. After this operation he has to stay in the hospital to at least next Friday, and if all goed well he can go back to Rumah Bapaku.

20-9-2014 – Andika is still in the recovery room, but he is awake now. De pressure in his head has gone and he has no headache anymore. He even told he was a bit hungry … If all goes well he can back to his hospital room tomorrow morning. The next operation is scheduled for Monday morning.

21-9-2014 – Andika is back from recovery to his room. He was welcomed by his mother and older sister, and of course Tasha who is there all the time. He says he is feeling ok, and has no pain although he can feel the drain. He needs rest now to prepare for the next operation. This is scheduled for monday morning, starting around 11:00 AM, this operation is expected to take for about 7 hours (!).

22-9-2014 – This morning around 11:00 AM Andika was taken to operation room for the major surgery to remove the tumor in his head, the surgery is estimated to take 7 hours.

22-9-2014 – We just received a call from the surgeon with an update about Andika. He told us the operation was successful. That is great news of course. Unfortunately we cannot visit him until tomorrow morning.

23-9-2014 – It is 10:10 AM now, Andika is still in recovery, but he is awake and he says he would like to eat and drink. This is a good sign! We are waiting for more information to come.

23-9-2014 – Around 16:00 Andika returned to his room. All went well, but he is very tired at this moment. According to the doctors the operation was a succes, and the tumor was not life threatening.

24-9-2014 – This morning Tasha talked to Andika. He says that when he opens his eyes the light is very bright, doctors say this is normal because he slept a lot the last days. He has to try to open his eyes more and more every day. We are still waiting for the test results of the tumor, and have the hope that Andika can go back to Rumah Bapaku the next weekend, and after going home the recovery and checkup program of 3 years will start.

24-9-2014 – This evening we visited Andika, he is doing very well. The tube that drained the dirty blood from his head was removed this afternoon. He is still eating and drinking good. When he heard the other 35 kids from Rumah Bapaku sing ‘his song’ (through a cellphone) he could even smile.

25-9-2014 – Andika did feel a lot better today then yesterday. All tubes and other things have been removed from his body, also the sonde for his urine. He smiles like before, even more probably!
Our kids made videos for Andika. Every room said something to Andika. The funny thing is Ananda, he dressed himself like a girl and introduced himself as miss bejo. Look at Andika’s smile.
Tomorrow, Friday, Andika can leave the hospital and go back to Rumah Bapaku to recover, he will be transported by ambulance.

26-9-2014 – This morning Andika did hear the good news that he could go back to Rumah Bapaku, he was so happy you cannot emagine! He was transported by ambulance, and due to the sirene that was used the trip only took 2 hours (3,5 hours is normal). In the orphanage he was welcomed by the 35 boys and girls. The results of the biopsy will probably be finished on October 8th.

2014-09-28 – Today Andika is feeling well. He is drinking eating very good (this is his second plate…). He has still a long way to go for full recovery.

2014-10-1 – Today Andika ent to the hospital for a check, and to see if the stitches could be removed. Unfortunately the stitches had to stay but maybe next Friday they can be removed.

3-10-2014 – This afternoon Andika went to the hospital in Singaraja again to found out that the wound has healed good, so the stitches could be removed. Next week he has to go to Denpasar again for checkup and hopefully the results of the biopsy.

09-10-2014 – Today Andika went to Denpasar for the first major check and to get the results of the research that was done to the tumor that has been removed from his head. The next step to get well is that he has to have radiation and chemo therapy. Since there is only one place on Bali where this can be done, and the equipment there is old and unreliable and there is a waitinglist of one year or more, the surgeon advised to go to Surabaya (Java) where they have new and reliable equipment. We will keep you updated when Andika starts the radiation and chemo therapy.

10-10-2014 – Today is the day after Andika got the results of the research that was done on the tumor that has been removed from his head.
We now can tell you that it is a bad cancer called MEDULLOBLASTOMA. Medulloblastoma is a type of brain tumor. A brain tumor begins when normal cells in the brain change and grow uncontrollably, forming a mass. A tumor can be cancerous or benign. A cancerous tumor is malignant, meaning it can spread to other parts of the body.
Next Monday Andika and Tasha will fly to Surabaya to start procedures for treatment with radiation and chemo, which will take at least three intensive weeks.
Find more information about medulloblastoma on this page [http://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/medulloblastoma-childhood/overview] or use google to find information in your local language.
When we took pictures of Andika this morning he was drawing again. He is such a great artist, and after only 30 minutes the results were great. We really want Andika to develop his drawing skills, and therefore we have to ask you for your support.

13-10-2014 – Today Andika traveled to the hospital in Surabaya to make appointments for the next fase in his treatment. Andika needs 30 times radiation starting this Friday. This means he has to stay in Surabaya for 2 months…

16-10-2014 – Today Andika is leaving for Surabaya. He will have to stay there for 50 (!) days. Tomorrow at 8:00 AM will be Andika’s first radiation for his head and back. He is in great spirit. Put him in your prayer please. Tasha Natalie D will stay for a few days at Surabaya and Sugi (one of the Rumah Bapaku staff) will stay with him in Surabaya.

17-10-2014 – Today was an exiting day for Andika. Doctor Wayan (with the blue shirt) and his assistants prepared everything for the radiation treatment. Andika needs to have a mask and all lines and marks to put the radiation on the correct spot. But … as you can see Andika keeps smiling, he is such a strong boy!

19-10-2014 – It is now one month after the diagnose for Andika was made that he had a brain tumor. After preparations last week tomorrow (monday) he will have the first radiation and this will go on the next 50 days. This period he will be accompanied by Sugi, one of the Rumah Bapaku staff.

20-10-2014 – Today Andika had the first radiation of the 30 in total the coming 50 days. He still smiles, laugh and eat well after this first radiation. As soon as he got in the car he cried because Tasha was leaving to Rumah Bapaku, he will stay with Sugi during the therapy. Tasha feels so sorry leave him there. But she has no choice because the other 35 kids need here too.

21-10-2014 – Today was the second radiation for Andika. He had to wear the protecting mask that was specialy made for him. Look at him still smiling, he is such a strong boy!

03-11-2014 – Last week Andika returned for a few days to Rumah Bapaku because the equipment for radiation in Surabaya was not working properly. The radiation therapy is going good, and Andika is not feeling bad at all he says. On the picture he is reading the new postcards he received …

5-11-2014 – Today we visited Andika after radiation. He is doing ok, but now he is starting to lose his hair and this does not make him happy. He is ashamed for his friend to see him like this … but he agreed to post these two pictures.

11-11-2014 – Today Tasha took another trip to see Andika in Surabaya. Dr Wayan Maha Putra, his doctor asked her to meet him and talk about the radiation. The meeting will be tomorrow at 8 am. Willem Blokker one of her dearly friends traveled with from Denpasar this morning. It’s a surprise visit for Andika. He looks good, skinnier a little bit. They had a short trip to get lunch at a mall and he got nice hats from Om Willem. In the half way to home, our young boy got sick and did throw up until they got home. What a heart broken to see this, 12 days ago he was still ok and ordered whatever food he would like to try. But now… It’s different. God helps him…

13-11-2014 – Good morning Surabaya. Tasha has been two days in this town with Andika. He was not like our Andika… Skinnier, no hair, easy tired and not enjoy food as much. It’s a heartbroken to see him throw up all the time. But met with his doctor yesterday (because his body to weak to continuing the radiation) and we are agree to give him stronger med for taking care this issue.

05-12-2014 – It was a great day today. Sugi and Andika came home. The radiation is now finished for Andika, he can now relax a bit before the chemo therapy starts … Sugi is one of the Rumah Bapaku staff who we can trust and rely on. He is a great friend, boys counselor, book keeper and maintenance, and did stay with Andika at Surabaya to support him and take care. Our friends Wil and Willem brought a big WELCOME HOME cake to give Andika a warm welcome …

15-12-2014 – On December 15th Andika visited Dr. Golden to have check after the radiation therapy in Surabaya. The overall health of Andika is very good, considering what he had to take fiscally and mentally the last months. Therefore Andika can go on with recovery and start chemo therapy next January 2015. We do not know how many sessions he will get at this moment.

19-01-2015 – Today Andika and Tasha meet Dr Ketut Ariawati in Denpasar. He is the Pediatrician who will give chemotherapy treatment for Andika. Nice Doctor.
He is at Laboratory for blood test right now. Love Andika spirit. He wants everything done. The doctor will see what the blood test tonight and will start his chemo on Wednesday.

22-01-2015 – Andika’s first day in the hospital in Denpasar to start chemo therapy. He is still feeling well, not sick and eager to eat … he is a fighter and an optimist, so strong!
We did not hear anything from the doctor yet, but hope to meet him later today.

26-01-2015 – Andika’s health is getting worse … he is getting really sick from the chemo treatment from last Sunday. As of last Sunday he does not eat very much, is feeling sick and weel, looks pale … so sad to see Andika like this, he is such a strong boy with a will to survive. Next Wednesday he has to go back to Denpasar, we hope he can get the correct medicine so he can feel better soon …
On the picture you can see Andika walking with the father of Tasha.

30-01-2015 – Last Wednesday Andika went to Prima Medika Hospital in Denpasar for checking his blood and got 2 medications through his veins. He has not been eating after chemo and this makes us worry. He was eating so good before surgery. He enjoyed every kind of food. But since the chemo … Last night he asked Tasha if she could cook macaroni soup for his lunch, and she did. After eating the first half bowl he asked for a second …

4-2-2015 – Today Andika had to visit the hospital in Denpasar again. He got two injections and his blood was tested. On 11-2-2015 Andika get’s the second chemo session, and after that another 7 of these sessions. For such a session he has to stay in the hospital for three days. Andika is feeling much better now, we we think he will feel worse again after each of the chemo sessions. His mind is super positive, so we hope his body will stay strong enough throughout the upcoming weeks.

24-2-2015 – We just received bad news from the hospital about Andika. His body is so weak that he has lost consciousness. He is now on intensive care, waiting for new blood. Every now and then Andika get’s awake a bit, and then he removes the transfusion tube, so the doctors had to tie up Andika’s arm. The bad news is that there is not enough blood type B availalble in the hospital so they are looking for blood donors with the correct blood type.

26-2-2015 – Andika had fever and the doctors waited for that to drop before giving him the first bag of new blood yesterday. Today Andika again had fever, but now this dropped again so the second bag of new blood will be given.
As soon as we have more news we will let you know.

3-3-2015 – A short update about Andika. He is still in a coma (since 27-2-2015) at the ICU. We cannot visit him because the doctors are afraid of infections. As soon as we have more news we will post this immediate.

5-3-2015 – After being in a coma since last friday Andika woke up today. Everything is fine except the HB. He needs 2 more bags of blood then he will be fine. The doctor tried to feed him through his nose but he pulled twice. He needs 50 cc milk every 3 hours. Tasha talked to Andika and explained that he needs that, and then he agreed. That is a good sign! We are am waiting for CT scan and MRI. We are so thankful for all of you who love our Andika. God is shows His miracle, again. Never doubt God.. Because He listens when we pray.. Amen.

13-3-2015 – The doctors say the MRI scans look okay, so Andika can go back to Rumah Bapaku to gain weight and get healtht. So Andika is now back at Rumah Bapaku. He only wants to eat just a little, we hope this will get better very soon.

30-04-2015 – Andika feels a bit better these days. He finally eats and drinks good, and his hair is coming back now. This week he even did some basketball training, short of course because he still get’s tired very fast. Waiting for the RMI scheduled for next June 2015 …

11-06-2015 – Words can hardly explain how we feel today after Andika visited Dr Golden earlier in Denpasar.
He checked the last MRI after Andika woke up from his coma. He said that at that time it was not good because the MRI showed white things surrounding his brain.
Dr Golden then asked Tasha if she agreed for a new MRI since he was worried.
After he checked the new MRI he took Tasha’s hand and gave her a big hug saying “your son is healed !!!”.
YES … Andika seems to be in good health again. Doctor Golden says it is a real miracle. The MRI showed no more cancer, Andika’s head is clean.
On behalve of Andika and Tasha we like to thank all of you who supported: sponsors, donators, prayers team, family, church who pray and support Andika in many ways..

Thank you so much. Miracles is still happen, We are the witnesses…


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Every donation, even the small ones will help us cover the immense costs that are going to be made to do the radiation and chemo therapy in Surabaya.

We really need your help so Andika can get the health care he needs.

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